Own body fat grafts – what is the purpose behind it?

Own body fat grafts – what is the purpose behind it?

Treatments to restore youth and beauty are becoming increasingly popular. Various measures and treatments are used for this purpose. One of the methods by which you can restore your skin to a younger appearance is by grafting your own body fat.

It is normal for the human skin to change over time. Of course, this is associated with ageing, loss of elasticity and firmness. First wrinkles appear which deepen with the passage of years. Facial features intensify because the subcutaneous adipose tissue slowly disappears. Thanks to a body fat grafting treatment, you can regain a young appearance.

One of the basic advantages of such a procedure is shaping of the silhouette without the use of implants or other synthetic substances. Only own fat cells are used. Using the treatment you can correct the shape, lift your face.

It is a natural and human-friendly method. Patients appreciate the many benefits of such treatments. One of them is small invasiveness. The advantage is also that there is no need for surgical solutions. Patients quickly recover and can do their daily work.

Autologous fat grafting using the Adivive method is recommended for both older and younger people. Adivive is an innovative technology thanks to which we obtain a valuable transplantation of young healthy fat cells with stem cells.

Fat transplantation is recommended for patients who can wait about three months for full effects. After this time you can see the action of stem cells. The skin acquires firmness and density, becomes radiant. It is true that immediately after a treatment you can see the effects of filling which after a few months improve significantly. In order to maintain the effect for a long time, it is recommended to perform a second treatment after about 3 months from the first one.

Adipose tissue is the best natural filler. It is well tolerated by the body and provides natural effects.

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